Pet Memories

Pet Memories is the official licensed keepsake provider for DNA memorial for pets.The same quality and care that DNA memorial provides to families is provided to your pet. The DNA is delivered from DNA Memorial to us and we incorporate it into the keepsakes then deliver it to the family. The DNA vial which comes with every purchase, still contains the viable DNA preserved in the same manner as DNA Memorial. The DNA inside the vial will remain viable indefinitely as long as a few simple care guidelines are followed. The family will receive their keepsake with the DNA incorporated into each piece making it unique and priceless.

DNA Memorial

DNA Memorial is a DNA Bank that specializes in properly storing a person’s DNA indefinitely. We are located near the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and are a subdivision of our academic research lab C.G. Labs Inc.

DNA Memorial offers regulated, on-site DNA storage at ultra-low temperatures, but we have also developed a room temperature storage procedure, which allows for this genetic information to be stored almost anywhere. That way everyone can keep their loved one where they belong: in their own homes or close to their heart. Pet DNA Memorial is the newest addition to the family of services.

As pet owners and lovers ourselves we were getting a lot of requests to offer the same services we offer for people in our DNA Memorial business (


Pet Memories 

Pet memories transforms your pets DNA sample into a physical item as a tribute to your lasting bond. It contains all the information that made your pet unique. This information is viable and if proper care directions are followed can be retrieved at any time in the future.

Identification, breed linage and future applications such as cloning are all possible with this method of DNA preservation.DNA Memorialonly deal with regulated funeral providers but because of our partnership we have the ability to now offer this amazing service to pet owners as well. We ship worldwide and provide the same quality service for your pet as we provide for any other member of your family.

Pet Memories DNA vial can be used for full range of DNA testing options. Any laboratory can use the purified DNA for testing. Contact CG Labs ( to obtain help with testing options and protocols to remove the DNA for testing

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